Here is how your CV ought to seem in 2022

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The labor market is ever-evolving. Remote employment is increasing. Many different work arrangements, such as contracts, project-based work, and commissions, have given more individuals the confidence to think of working for yourself as a feasible choice. As workers speak up and demand better treatment, more workplaces are placing a larger importance on diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, changing jobs is no longer considered a bad thing for an employee in the era of what is now known as The Great Resignation. Despite the hazards involved, more and more people are choosing bigger opportunity over more security.

Despite these changes, one thing is constant: in order for professionals to succeed in the job market, they must stay up. Maintaining a resume that is up to date and keeping an eye out for emerging trends in resume writing is one of the easiest yet most efficient methods to do it.

There is no one trend that fits everybody, as with all trends. What applies to one field might not apply to another, and vice versa. It is essential to carefully examine them and choose what is appropriate for your area of interest.

We’ve included some of the most significant resume trends for 2022 in this post, along with reasons why they could be interesting to you as a professional.

  • Simple is ideal.
  • Straightforward and specific
  • Tips to get the most of your resume in 2022: resume formats are not universal.
  • Additional factors to take into account to increase your chances of employment

Simple is ideal.
More businesses and workplaces, regardless of size, now use an applicant tracking system, or ATS, during the first stage of the hiring process as a result of the advent of digital automation. All resumes are filtered by an ATS using automated criteria like as skills, keywords, educational background, and other data that may be pertinent to a business or job description. Your CV must thus pass this automated system in order for you to go on to the next stage of the hiring process.

Therefore, how can you ensure that your resume is ATS-proof?

Use a straightforward, readable format.
This makes your resume easier for the ATS to correctly scan. The definition of simple There is enough of white space, no overly difficult fonts, and ease on the various types.

Simple need not be monotonous, though. After all, human beings will still handle the remaining steps of the application process after your CV passes the ATS. As a result, the recent trend—that your CV should be aesthetically appealing—remains valid.

When applying for jobs, include keywords that are appropriate.
Picking out the keywords on the job post you’re replying to is a simple but effective technique to do this. They might consist of the position title, qualifications, and abilities.

A minimalist professional resume in black and white
Utilize this sample
Straightforward and specific
According to recent studies, recruiters glance over resumes for roughly 7.4 seconds. Therefore, in addition to catching their attention with your aesthetically appealing resume, you also want to accomplish it with a snappy and to-the-point introduction. Giving your resume a title and a 10- to 15-word executive summary can help you achieve this.

Consumer Goods Sales Representative Resume in Blue and Dark Blue
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Your resume’s heading just needs to include your work title or area of expertise. To make your CV ATS-proof, a crucial advice is to, if at all feasible, match the job posting you’re replying to.

Additionally, the shorter your executive summary or bio, the better. Make it memorable and pertinent to your company as this is your elevator pitch. Display your accomplishments and how your team’s inclusion will help your employer. Once more, remember to include keywords that closely relate to the job posting in your resume to optimize it for the ATS.

You should aim to keep your recruiter reading now that you’ve grabbed their interest. Create a resume that is specific to your industry and the job posting you are applying for to achieve this. How do you go about that? by staying up to date with developments in your particular field and matching your accomplishments and skill set to the specifications listed in the job post.

There is no one-size-fits-all standard for resume styles once you’ve introduced yourself and your distinctive value proposition in a succinct executive summary. Now it’s time to back up your statements with examples. Your employment history might be presented in a variety of ways. The top three resume formats are as follows:

Format Reverse Chronological
The most typical work history style is reverse chronological, and it is particularly suitable for those who are following a conventional professional path. It presents your employment history in reverse chronological order, from your most recent employment to your very first.

Resume for Blue Sleep Corporation
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Format for Use
Instead of focusing on your employment history, the functional style allows you to group abilities and experiences that are pertinent to the position you’re applying for. For anyone looking for a change in job or a specialized field like acting, this is the ideal structure.

It may also be helpful for those who have had protracted pauses in their employment or for recent graduates without any prior job experience.

Laurel Academic Resume in Pale Gold
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Format for Combination
Combining the reverse chronological and functional forms should work for you if you believe that highlighting your varied job experience will help you stand out. Keep your executive summary brief because you’re integrating two formats, or feel free to exclude it entirely.

simple acting resume in olive green
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A minimalist academic resume in purple and white
Utilize this sample
Making the ideal resume requires selecting the appropriate format. Consider both your field and your personal career goal while making a choice.

Additionally, potential workers are no longer penalized for having job gaps, so don’t worry if your work history has any. Instead, emphasize how employing you would benefit both you and your company.

Guidelines for maximizing the effect of your CV in 2022
Create compelling resumes
The ideal structure alone does not make a resume effective. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you update your CV for 2022.

The strongest verbs are action verbs.
By beginning each relevant position you’ve had description with an action verb, paint a picture of your professional past. Action verbs are advised since readers will find them to be more active and interesting.

When statistics are involved, achievements stand out more.
Think about your successes.
If you can prove your success with hard data and measurements, that’s fantastic! The simplest approach to get your recruiter’s attention is to highlight real figures since it demonstrates that you’re a highly precise and goal-oriented professional.

But don’t just provide any numbers you can; pick the most spectacular ones and make sure they apply to the position you’re applying for.

Skills for remote work are in demand.
Aside: In 2022, remote job talents will be highly sought for. It’s important to emphasize your achievements in remote work if you can show them (for example, organizing and hosting virtual events, setting up online training courses, assisting your company’s entire transition to remote work, etc.).

It’s essential to emphasize your soft talents.
Displaying your soft abilities is equally as vital as emphasizing your technical skills, achievements, and measurements. According to a recent LinkedIn worldwide research, 91% of talent professionals value soft skills when hiring new employees.

But be sure to include them into your job history and accomplishments rather than just listing them as general characteristics.

Hard talents are here to stay.
Hard talents are here to stay.
Technical hard abilities continue to be in high demand. You can include a separate section to emphasize your highly specialized skill sets if you work in a field with high demand (like data analytics, for example).

Additional factors to take into account to increase your chances of employment
In addition to creating an accomplishment- and soft-skills-focused résumé that is industry-specific, ATS-proof, and direct to the point, think about putting these things together to increase your chances of landing a job:

the most recent social media
the most recent social media
It is true: When vetting candidates, 70% of recruiters check at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. They are probably on the lookout for warning signs, but they are also considering the morals and personalities of their applicants.

So it wouldn’t hurt to present yourself in the best possible light if you’re active on social media. If you can utilize them as platforms for your interests, pastimes, and passions, all the better.

Start with your LinkedIn profile because recruiters sometimes look at it first on social media. Uploading a special LinkedIn banner to your page will allow you to add some personality and be creative with your branding.

The same applies to your personal Facebook page banner and, if you have one, your YouTube channel. Your recruiters will think you are a creative and meticulous person if you do this.

a digital portfolio
a digital portfolio
You should always maintain an online portfolio of your best and most current work if you’re a writer, graphic designer, artist, actor, or filmmaker.

You may show your portfolio online in a variety of ways. The blog style is the quickest and most effective since you can quickly update it. If you want a complete record of your effort, it is the best format. Upload a distinctive banner to start customizing your blog. Once you’re prepared to update your blog, make sure that your postings are aesthetically appealing by utilizing original blog visuals that reflect your style.

For illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers, a one-page website like Canva Site is appropriate since the format is suitable for showcasing high-resolution graphics and photos.

Having a reel is essential if you’re an actor, videographer, or filmmaker. You can quickly create your sizzle reel with our online video editor and publish it to your blog or Canva site.

Typical cover letter
You may be wondering if recruiters will have enough time to read a whole cover letter if they can just spend a few seconds perusing resumes. The majority of the time, the answer is yes. This is particularly true if you’ve already got their attention and they’re interested in learning more about you. Therefore, included a cover letter with your resume in 2022 isn’t going to hurt, unless the job posting clearly states that you shouldn’t. Use our cover letter templates to create one that is uniquely yours since it is one more way to demonstrate your character, originality, and initiative.

In 2022, it’s still critical to craft flawless resumes.
The standard résumé will soon become obsolete, as we have been forecasting for years. Additionally, they could be going away in some businesses. The majority of employers still rely heavily on them, nevertheless. Studying the finest resume forms and being current with resume or CV writing trends are still essential if you want to stand out, particularly in this constantly shifting job market environment.